Dog Services for Canada Goose Management

Dogs chasing with Canada geese in background

Are Canada geese wreaking havoc on your property? Geese can create a host of problems for property managers, including aggressive behavior towards tenants and customers, excessive feces, and landscape damage.

During nesting season, their territorial nature often leads to dangerous confrontations that pose significant liability risks. Traditional deterrents like harmful chemicals or physical barriers can damage other wildlife and the environment, making them less than ideal solutions.

At Rusty’s Animal Control, we provide a humane solution to safeguard your landscape, reduce injury hazards, and maintain a harmonious balance between human activity and wildlife conservation. Our specially trained herding dogs offer an effective and environmentally friendly approach to goose management that keeps your property safe and welcoming.

Please note: Goose management is not a one-time service but an ongoing management plan.

The Risks of Geese on Your Property

Aggressive geese icon

Aggressive Behavior

Aggressive Behavior

Geese can become territorial and attack tenants, customers, and other wildlife, creating a hostile environment.

Injury hazard icon

Injury Hazards

Injury Hazards

Their attacks can result in injuries, posing liability concerns for property managers.

Feces icon

Excessive Feces

Excessive Feces

Geese leave behind a mess, leading to unsanitary conditions and high cleanup costs.

Landscaping damage icon

Landscape Damage

Landscape Damage

Geese can quickly destroy lawns and landscaping, requiring frequent and costly repairs.

Why Use Dogs for Goose Control?

Geese are territorial and tend to stick around places they find comfortable, like parks or properties with abundant grass and water. However, they will choose to leave if faced with a perceived threat.

Our herding dogs have a natural instinct to chase and control movement, thanks to their breeding as working dogs. Trained to patrol your property, they become living deterrents, using controlled movements and body language to chase geese to a more suitable habitat.

Key Benefits:

  • Humane and Non-Lethal
    Our dogs are trained not to harm the geese, only to encourage them to find a safer place. This reduces the need for invasive deterrents such as chemical sprays or barriers.
  • Effective Deterrent
    Over time, geese associate the presence of the dogs with discomfort and will seek out quieter areas away from your property.
  • Landscape Protection
    Protect your landscape from damage caused by aggressive geese while reducing maintenance costs.
  • Liability Reduction
    Reduce injury hazards and mitigate liability concerns, especially during nesting season.

Tailored Goose Management from Rusty’s Animal Control

Each property is unique, and goose management requires a customized plan. If no goose management services have been provided previously, it may take time for geese to learn that your property is no longer a safe haven. Our dedicated team will work with you to develop a strategy that suits your specific needs.

Let Rusty’s Animal Control help you reclaim your property. Contact us to learn more about our goose management services and schedule a consultation.

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