Wildlife & Pest Control Services for Property Managers

Wild & Pest Control Services for Property Managers

Let RAC eliminate and prevent headaches by ensuring your buildings and grounds are free of pests, year-round – if this is an emergency, call us at (317) 714-2028

Wild animals and bugs can put a big strain on property managers, tenants and employees. Not only are these issues challenging and emotional, but wildlife and pest control can also be dangerous without proper training.

Rusty’s Animal Control (RAC) ensures your buildings and grounds are protected from nuisance animals, insects and the health and safety risks they introduce.

Our team of wildlife and pest control experts will assess your property and work with you to remove wild animals and insects from your commercial buildings, multi-unit residences, and grounds – safely and humanely.

Common Pests on Commercial Properties

From chewing through wires to digging holes for you to fall into to becoming trapped in walls to tunneling under buildings, sidewalks, and driveways, pests bring all kinds of hazards to the properties you manage. The most common types of pests that we remove:

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Get an Assessment Today

If you’re currently experiencing wildlife challenges on or around your property, contact us for an assessment. One of our wildlife and pest control experts will investigate and quote a solution to address your issues.

Note: onsite assessments are required prior to any price estimate or quote.

For large properties with ongoing wildlife issues, our team will develop a management plan to keep your property free of pests year-round.

Contact us to learn more about wildlife and pest control services

RAC Hornet Hive Removal

Example of a hornet hive removed by RAC at an apartment building