Raccoon Removal & Exclusion Services

Raccoon Removal & Exclusion Services

Raccoons, with their dexterous hands and masked faces, might look charming — but they’re not the kind of tenants you want. These clever creatures are not only a nuisance but also carriers of dangerous diseases such as rabies and raccoon roundworm, which can be harmful to humans and pets. Their habit of invading homes, commercial properties, and apartment complexes can lead to significant damage and health risks.

Raccoons are notorious for their destructive nature, often tearing apart insulation, staining walls and ceilings with their urine and feces, and even compromising the structural integrity of buildings with their weight. They are also capable of killing poultry and eating various rodents, adding to their troublesome presence.

The challenge doesn’t end there. Raccoons can squeeze through surprisingly small openings, making it difficult to keep them out of your property. When raccoons decide to make your structure their home, immediate action is required. Rusty’s Animal Control (RAC) is here to assist with humane and effective raccoon exclusion services.

Why Worry About Raccoons?

Raccoons are not just a minor nuisance; they can cause severe structural damage, carry dangerous diseases and become aggressive if cornered or threatened. Here’s what you need to know:

Structural Damage

Structural Damage

These animals are surprisingly strong, capable of tearing off roof shingles, destroying insulation, and turning your attic into their personal latrine. The weight of multiple raccoons can compromise the structural integrity of your property.

Health Risks

Health Risks

Raccoon roundworm is a particularly nasty parasite, with eggs that can remain viable and infectious for years. Rabies, distemper, and other parasites are also concerns, posing risks to humans and pets alike.

Feeding Behavior

Feeding Behavior

Raccoons are opportunistic feeders that will eat almost anything. They often get into dumpsters or trash cans on residential and commercial properties, creating a mess. For agricultural properties, they can also pose a threat to chickens or other small farm animals.

Preventing Raccoon Problems

Prevention is key when it comes to managing raccoon issues. Here’s how you can keep these clever creatures at bay:

  1. Secure Your Trash: Raccoons are drawn to easy food sources. Ensure your garbage bins are securely closed and consider using bins designed to be raccoon-proof.
  2. Sanitization: After an infestation, thoroughly cleaning the area is crucial. Professional services often use a combination of chemicals to sanitize affected areas, eliminating any disease risks from urine and feces.
  3. Trapping and Exclusion: Properly sealing entry points and humane trapping are effective strategies for removing raccoons. Since raccoons breed once a year, timing your prevention strategies can have a significant impact.

Common Misconceptions About Raccoons

  • Making Them Pets: despite their apparent tameness, raccoons are wild animals that can become unpredictable and aggressive
  • Raccoon-Proofing is Easy: fully securing a property against raccoons is challenging due to their intelligence and physical capabilities

RAC’s Comprehensive Raccoon Exclusion Services

Raccoons are stubborn tenants that require a strategic approach to evict. They have strong homing instincts and can find their way back to familiar territories easily.

Handling a raccoon infestation on your own is not recommended due to the potential health risks and the complexities of following wildlife regulations. The safest and most effective solution is to engage experts at  RAC.

RAC’s exclusion process is designed to remove raccoons safely and ensure they don’t return. This process includes:

  • Identifying all potential entry and exit points
  • Sealing the property using durable metal, including expanded metal or Pest Blok

Beyond just removing the raccoons, RAC also provides comprehensive remediation services to address the aftermath of an infestation. This includes:

  • Repairing any damage, including replacing insulation if needed
  • Thorough sanitization and cleaning to eliminate health risks from raccoon feces and urine

Clients who choose RAC for raccoon exclusion services receive a one-year warranty.

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Don’t let raccoons turn your property into their playground. Contact RAC today to learn more about our raccoon exclusion services and how we can help you reclaim your space.