Wildlife & Pest Control Services for Healthcare Institutions

Wild & Pest Control Services for Healthcare Institutions

Ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your patients and staff is paramount. Don’t let wildlife and pests be the obstacle to that mission. Call RAC today at (317) 714-2028 – especially if this is an emergency.

Wildlife and pests can compromise the hygiene and safety of healthcare facilities. Their presence not only introduces health risks but can also disrupt the smooth functioning of vital services. With our expertise, Rusty’s Animal Control (RAC) ensures that your healthcare premises remain free from unwanted intruders.

Our seasoned wildlife and pest control experts will collaborate with your healthcare team, thoroughly inspecting your property and devising a strategy to safely and humanely eliminate any wildlife and pests.

Common Pests in Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities are often more vulnerable to specific pests due to their unique infrastructure and operational needs:

Aggressive Geese on Property

Bugs in Facilities

Mice & Rats in Storage Areas

Tailored Solutions for Healthcare

Our tailored solutions ensure that your healthcare facility remains pest-free, keeping in mind the sensitive nature of your environment.

Compliance with health regulations is critical, and RAC understands the unique requirements of healthcare facilities. Our technicians are ready to comply with flu shot and other vaccine requirements, and we always prioritize safety and hygiene – including wearing boot covers and face masks when necessary.

Request an Assessment

Are you currently facing wildlife challenges within your healthcare facility? Reach out to us for an expert assessment. Our specialists will inspect and propose a solution tailored to your needs.

Note: onsite assessments are mandatory for an accurate price estimate or quote.

For healthcare institutions with recurrent wildlife problems, RAC will craft a management plan to maintain a pest-free environment consistently.

Contact us to discover more about our wildlife and pest control services designed for healthcare.