Meet the Team

Rusty Fields

Rusty founded Rusty’s Animal Control (RAC) with his wife and business partner Mona in 2013, after nearly two decades as an animal control specialist. Ten years later, he still enjoys the hands-on aspects of his job, especially the creativity and strategizing required to set effective traps and identify and exclude entry points. It’s a challenge that ensures no two jobs are ever quite the same. When he is not working, Rusty enjoys fishing and spending time with his family.

Rylee Layton
Office Manager

As Office Manager, Rylee helps keep everything at Rusty’s Animal Control (RAC) running smoothly, from managing administrative tasks to meeting with clients and vendors. She also helps with our Canada goose round-ups.  When she is not working, Rylee enjoys spending time with her dog, Tucker and reading, traveling, and hiking.

Jeremiah Fields
Operations Manager

Jeremiah keeps our operations on track and specializes in exclusion work that requires a lift for sealing off hard-to-reach entry points . When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three dogs.

Zach Batton

Zach’s specialty is wrangling the aggressive geese harassing our customers. He also has a knack for bat removal and enjoys the work of finding and sealing off all of their entry points to ensure they can’t get back inside. Outside of work, Zach enjoys hunting and playing golf.