RAC Certifications

  • Wildlife Control Operator
  • Advanced Wildlife Control Operator
  • Bird Standards I
  • Bat Standards I
  • Bat Standards II
  • Rodents I
  • Zoonotic Diseases
  • IDNR Waterfowl Control Operator
  • Waterfowl Trainer
  • Shooting In Sensitive Environments I
  • Shooting In Sensitive Environments II
  • Nuisance Wild Animal Control Permit
  • Canada Goose Relocation
  • Canada Goose Euthanasia

By meeting or exceeding the various standards set by these organizations, we can provide our services while giving our clients a sense of true security in our quality. When you work with RAC, you can enjoy the peace of mind that we are meeting high standards.

For more information about these standards and our own practices for nuisance pest control, please contact us at info@rustysanimalcontrol.com or call us at (317) 714-2028