Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

At Rusty’s Animal Control, we understand that when critters invade your property, you have plenty of questions about how to deal with them effectively and safely.

Here are the most frequently asked questions to address your concerns. Whether you’re wondering about our pricing, our warranty, or our methods, you’ll find the answers you need.

Don’t see your question here? Contact us and we will be happy to help.

Do we charge per animal caught? No. We trap for an extended period of time. We will also continue to trap for no additional charge if we have not removed the animal during the trapping period.
What do we warranty? We do, 1 year warranty for bat work. We also warranty repairs so if a animal were to get back through what we sealed, then we will come back out for no charge.
Are traps set inside of the attic or outside? We very rarely have to set traps in the attic. Most of the time, the traps are placed over the entry point from the outside of the house.
Do we charge if we don’t catch anything? Our trapping fee is charged regardless of the number of animals caught.
Do we handle domestic animals (dogs or cats)? No. We recommend contacting your local Sheriff’s Department regarding domesticated animals.
Can certain traps harm my dogs, cats, or kids? Our methods include both lethal and non-lethal trapping, implemented with the utmost care and consideration for the safety of your pets and children.
Are pest control chemicals safe? Safety varies depending on the specific chemical in use. RAC’s team prioritizes safety and implements necessary precautions. Please reach out to us for detailed information about our methods.
Is the stinging insect chemical treatment safe? Yes.
Can critters chew up my wiring in the walls/attic/ceiling? Yes, sometimes even in vehicles.
What do we do with the animals we catch? Per customer request, we can euthanize or relocate.
How will we know if we have caught all the critters? We will check to see if you have been hearing anything recently and we can tell if any entry points have been active.