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Small cracks and crannies in the exterior of residential and commercial buildings may not seem like a big deal – until an uninvited pest moves in.

Many of the most common nuisance animals in Indiana can fit through tiny, inches- and centimeters-long openings. Raccoons can squeeze through a 4-inch hole. Bats need only ⅜ of an inch to invade.

Once pests discover an entry point, they are likely to return and may even make themselves at home, raising a family, making a mess and leaving you with everything from structural damage to a serious health risk.

The solution? Keep pests away with exclusion.

An exclusion is a simple service with long-lasting results. During an exclusion, an animal control professional finds and seals off entry points (commonly found near doors, windows, roofs, basements, attics and sheds) to prevent pests from returning.

Does My Property Need an Exclusion?


Exclusions can be performed as a preventive measure or as part of remediating pest intrusion.

The ideal time to perform an exclusion is before animals enter a structure. If you notice big or small gaps or cracks in the exterior of your property, it is wise to call in a wildlife control expert to seal them.

If pests have already moved in, an exclusion will effectively remove them – and prevent them from re-entering.

Tell-tale signs that an infestation has already occurred include:

  • Sebum or oil marks on the walls surrounding a hole
  • Scratch or bite marks on surfaces
  • Unpleasant smells including must, ammonia and urine
  • Strange scratching or squeaking noises coming from the walls or under floorboards
  • The presence of droppings

How Does Exclusion Work?

At a high level, exclusion entails:

  • Finding all entry and exit points
  • Using a one-way door over entry/exit points to allow pests to exit, but prevents re-entry
  • Sealing the structure (with the exception of the main entry points) with caulk, backer rod, copper mesh, hardware cloth, Pest Blok Expanded Metal, and/or a new vent cover placed on the structure






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Don’t allow pest animals to make your property their own.

Rusty’s Animal Control (RAC) is a fully certified wildlife control and removal specialist. The RAC team provides exclusion services for pests including bats, mice, rats, squirrels and raccoons. We service commercial, industrial and residential properties.

In addition to exclusions, the RAC team also specializes in nuisance wildlife management habitat modification and trapping.

To learn more about controlling wildlife on your property, contact a member of the RAC team today.

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