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Keeping Warehouses & Industrial Buildings Free of Birds

Birds can create a significant challenge to efforts to keep warehouses safe and healthy for people and products. When birds find their way into warehouses and become trapped, they can spread illnesses such as salmonella, E. coli, and potentially deadly upper respiratory infections through their waste. Birds often roost and… Read More

They’re Almost Here: Are You Ready for Goose Season?

You didn’t invite them exactly, but your property has everything they’re looking for to settle down and start raising this season’s crop of little geese...  Soon, like other property owners across the Midwest, you could be dealing with flocks of Canada geese settling in – sometimes where you least expect… Read More

Bird Adaptation to Urban Life: An Unwelcomed Stay

Did you know that dinosaurs never went extinct? That’s right, we still have dinosaurs today! The first bird, archaeopteryx, evolved over 150 million years ago from dinosaurs closely related to the infamous velociraptor. Raptors looked very different than they do in the movies. They were much smaller, fully feathered and… Read More