Zoonotic Diseases

Zoonotic diseases are diseases that can be transferred from animals to people. They vary in seriousness from mild discomfort to life threatening. Just because you have an animal living in or around your house doesn’t always mean you’re in danger. We want you to know the facts so you can make informed decisions.
Zoonotic Disease

“Where Do I Get Accurate Information?”

The Center for Disease Control is a good place to get information about zoonotic diseases.

“Can the DNR help me?”

The Department of Natural Resources is another good place to get accurate information. The DNR will not send someone out to assist you with your wildlife issues but they do have a list of certified wildlife control operators. The people on this list do not work for the IDNR.

“Diseased animals look sick, right?”

Animals often do not show any signs of being diseased. Many zoonotic diseases are not fatal to the animal or it takes a long period of time for the animal to show signs. Never approach any wild animal.