Barking Up the Right Tree: Using Herding Dogs for Effective Goose Control

Dogs chasing with Canada geese in background

As a property manager, dealing with aggressive geese and the problems they cause is a persistent challenge. From excessive feces to aggressive behavior, geese can create a hazardous environment for tenants and customers alike.

Traditional deterrents often involve harmful chemicals or physical barriers, which can adversely affect other wildlife and the environment. At Rusty’s Animal Control, we use trained dogs, particularly border collies and other herding dogs, as a humane solution to chase geese off properties.

The Impact of Geese on Your Property

Aggressive geese pose significant challenges for property managers, including:

  • Aggressive Behavior: geese can become territorial and attack tenants, customers, and other wildlife, particularly during nesting season
  • Injury Hazards: their attacks can lead to injuries, posing liability concerns for property managers
  • Landscape Damage: geese cause damage to landscapes and leave behind excessive feces, leading to high maintenance costs

Dogs as Effective Goose Deterrents

Herding dogs have a natural instinct to control movement. Trained to chase geese, they patrol properties under the guidance of handlers, creating a living deterrent that encourages geese to relocate. But how does it work?

  • The dogs use controlled movements (“stalking”) and body language to communicate to geese that they’re not welcome.
  • Over time, geese associate the presence of dogs with discomfort and seek out quieter habitats.
  • The dogs are trained to chase but not harm the geese.

The Benefits of Using Dogs for Goose Control

Incorporating trained dogs for goose control offers several significant advantages for property managers. Here’s a closer look at why this humane solution is a win-win:

  1. Humane Solution
    Using dogs is a non-lethal and environmentally friendly solution that enhances the property’s environment and safety without the use of harmful chemicals.
  2. Effective Deterrent
    Herding dogs maintain a safe and welcoming environment for tenants and customers, significantly reducing goose aggression.
  3. Landscape Protection
    Dogs help protect landscapes from geese damage, saving property managers from high maintenance costs.
  4. Liability Reduction
    Using dogs can reduce the risk of injuries caused by aggressive geese, mitigating liability concerns for property managers.

A Human & Effective Goose Management Solution for Property Managers

In the face of aggressive geese, property managers need a solution that is both effective and humane. Rusty’s Animal Control’s trained herding dogs offer a proven method to chase geese off properties, keeping landscapes intact, reducing liability risks, and ensuring tenants’ and customers’ safety.

To discuss a tailored goose management strategy for your property, reach out to our team.

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