How Not to Become an Accidental Landlord to Families of Squirrels

It’s mating season for squirrels and unfortunately, it’s easy to unintentionally invite them to make your home or property theirs.

Bird feeders, garden waste, water, and other food sources all serve as a welcome mat for squirrels looking for an easy meal and a place to nest in the winter months.

These aggressive, bushy-tailed rodents will go to great lengths for a source of food and a cozy place to nest, even if they have to chew their way in.

In addition to building damage, squirrels can also be fearsome in defense of their nest or food and squirrel bites are not uncommon.

In one reported incident, a squirrel attacked and injured 18 people after finding a bounty of food at a property that was home to a bird feeder, fresh produce, and worse: a friendly resident who was providing hand-fed nuts.

In January, a New Hampshire House committee approved a plan to call for year-round open hunting season on gray squirrels after hearing of the costly and damaging effects caused by squirrels at local homes and farms. One representative who owns a maple syrup business, reported that the pests had cost his business as much as $20,000 a year in damage caused by chewing into buildings and other equipment.

Squirrel Mating Season Requires Vigilance

Squirrels carry their babies for about six weeks. In the Midwest, they typically give birth two times a year, between February and March and between May and June.

In the process of searching for a safe place to nest, they may be scouting your property for a prime spot like your attic, typically entering through a small hole or a vent along the roof line and using insulation and other materials found to line their nests.

Squirrel Nesting

Empty bird feeders are often a sign of squirrels nearby. While there are devices that can be used to deter them, squirrels are persistent and frequently find a way around any obstacles standing between them and a tempting source of food.

Experts Help For Squirrel Problems

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