How to Keep Rodents from Getting Cozy in Your Home or Office

With temperatures dropping fast, it’s inevitable that mice and rats will seek shelter in your home, office, or warehouse, so it’s important to do what you can to make your structure as unwelcoming to these rodents as possible.

Three of the most important things you can do to make your structure less hospitable to rodents are to remove all food sources and close off potential entry points, which can be hard to spot as mice need only a ¼ inch space to enter.

You See a Few Crumbs, Rodents See a Buffet

Winter is a good time to ramp up your housekeeping and food storage practices. It takes very little in the way of leftovers, crumbs or easily accessed food packaging to make a rodent feel like sticking around and starting a family.

Potential food sources include:

  • Pet food- don’t leave it out when your pets aren’t eating
  • Crumbs under the oven – it’s important sweep these out thoroughly
  • Snacks left behind in your desk, bedroom, etc.
  • Improperly stored food in pantries/food storage areas: store in airtight food containers
  • Bird feeders

Mice can survive on as little as a single gram of food per day, but they’ll carry away more to store for days in which food is unavailable. That’s why it’s important to follow these tips all the time, whether or not you see evidence of mice.

Minimize Places Where Mice & Rats Love to Hang Out

Cluttered spots in your home or building are not just messy; they’re invitations to rodents. Eliminating sources of clutter makes it harder for mice and rats to find dark areas to hide and reproduce in.

Get Professional Help for Your Rodent Problems

When you’ve done all you can and the rodents are still winning, don’t despair. The professionals at Rusty’s Animal Control can help. We have the expertise and the solutions you need to send your rodent guests packing and prevent their return.

It starts with a thorough property inspection to identify all of the places where rodents could be coming in and out, beyond the obvious. We look for entry and exit points and determine the extent of the problem before creating a customized strategy and an estimate.

With reliable follow-up and follow-through, our professional pest management services for commercial, industrial and residential properties are a go-to resource for Indianapolis-area property managers and building owners facing wildlife conflicts of every variety.

Don’t delay: speak to one of our pest control experts for help keeping your property rodent-free this winter.

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