Nesting Geese? Don’t Take Chances — Call RAC Now!

Aggressive nesting goose

When it comes to Canada Geese, their reputation for aggressive nesting behavior is well deserved. These birds take the security of their nesting sites very seriously, displaying a level of protectiveness that could rival the most formidable creatures — even Godzilla.

Most pairs of Canada Geese work in tandem to defend the nest and the surrounding area and can become quite aggressive toward people and pets. Your best course of action is to call RAC before anyone gets hurt — and before their droppings pile up.

With years of experience under our belt, RAC is equipped with the knowledge and tools to address your geese problem in the most humane and effective manner possible. We provide a comprehensive service that includes the safe removal of the geese and their nest, as well as implementing strategies to prevent future nesting in the area.

The Key to Coexisting with Canada Geese

It’s important to remember that while Canada Geese are a nuisance, they are protected under federal laws. Despite their aggressive behavior towards humans or pets, it is illegal to harm them or their eggs.

This level of protection requires a balanced approach of understanding and respect for wildlife. These birds are simply following their natural instincts to protect their offspring, and so the right strategy — implemented by a professional team — is key to safely ridding your property of these aggressive birds.

The presence of Canada Geese and their nests can often go unnoticed until it’s too late. These geese are adept at camouflaging their eggs with nesting materials, making it challenging to identify an active nest unless trained to do so. The right wildlife management partner can help you get ahead of the geese before they become a problem.

Proven Solutions from the Experts

The professionals at Rusty’s Animal Control (RAC) are licensed and certified, and have decades of experience in the safe and humane management, prevention and mitigation of wildlife conflicts for commercial, industrial and residential properties.

Egg addling and aggressive goose removal are a few of the solutions we can provide to eliminate conflicts with Canada geese on your property. We can legally remove nesting pairs if they become aggressive and start attacking people or pets.

Contact us today for expert, humane and cost-effective help with managing your goose conflicts. Our services comply with both the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and Indiana state regulations.

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