Protect Your Property During Wildlife Birthing Season

Raccoon removal

Spring’s warmer days signal not just a change in weather but the start of the bustling wildlife birthing season. As winter melts away, property managers, building owners, and homeowners face unique challenges with the first litters of local wildlife making their presence known.

Understanding the behaviors of these animals during their mating and birthing seasons is crucial for effectively managing your property and avoiding potential damage.

The Timing of Wildlife Birthing Seasons

During spring months, mating season is in full swing, and with it, the arrival of new wildlife litters. Grey squirrels, for example, start their first of two yearly litters as early as February, followed closely by raccoons, who typically have their single yearly litter in March. This period of new beginnings brings with it the likelihood of finding these animals seeking refuge in less-than-ideal locations — including your properties.

Preventative measures are key to avoiding the complications that come with housing unintended wildlife guests. Regular inspections for entry points, secure trash storage, and professional assessments can save property managers and homeowners from the extensive damage and health risks associated with these animals.

Early Detection & Professional Intervention

Recognizing the signs of wildlife habitation in your structure before litters are born is the first step to preventing property damage. Squirrels and raccoons can have their birthing seasons spread over several months, which means early or late births could surprise building owners.

The presence of these animals — especially in attics or walls — calls for swift action by licensed professionals to mitigate potential problems including structural damage, odor issues, and potential health hazards from biohazardous residues.

The Importance of Professional Wildlife Removal Services

When unwanted wildlife makes its way into your property, handling the situation requires expertise and caution. Property managers and building owners are advised against DIY removal attempts due to the potential for injury and further damage. Instead, rely on trained and licensed professionals who are equipped to safely remove nuisance wildlife and their offspring.

Partnering with a professional service not only minimizes the risk of structural damage and contamination but also protects you legally and financially by ensuring that any intervention is done safely, effectively, and in accordance with local and state wildlife regulations.

A Proactive Approach to Wildlife Management

Rusty’s Animal Control brings decades of experience navigating nuisance wildlife and providing the support and prevention needed to keep your property safe and clean. Our team members are licensed and certified in the safe and humane management, prevention and mitigation of wildlife conflicts for commercial, industrial and residential properties.

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