The Importance of Wildlife Exclusion & Remediation for Property Managers

Bat inside attic

Large residential properties and commercial buildings are full of empty nooks and spaces that can start to look pretty cozy to wildlife this time of year.

While property managers are busy taking care of the human-occupied areas of their buildings, overlooked spaces and gaps can be quickly colonized by winged and furry tenants who can wreak havoc on insulation, wooden beams, wiring and more – not to mention the mess they leave behind.

Keeping them out is not a job for amateurs. Bats can find their way into openings as small as 3/8” and raccoons are notoriously adept at exploiting the smallest breaches. Birds, mice, squirrels and other rodents are also likely sizing up the amenities your building has to offer.

Evicting them and discouraging their return is a job left to wildlife professionals with plenty of experience and an arsenal of tools and strategies.

Professional Exclusion & Remediation for a Wildlife Free Building

At RAC, we do more than rid your building of nuisance wildlife. We take steps to ensure they don’t return. Here’s an overview of our processes:

1. Assessing the Damage: This is the first and perhaps most crucial step. It helps in understanding the extent of the infestation and the resulting damage.

2. Wildlife Removal: Using humane methods, the intruding wildlife is removed from the premises.

3. Repairing Damage: This might involve replacing damaged insulation, mending broken beams, or fixing chewed wires.

4. Cleaning and Sanitizing: Removing droppings, nests, and other waste materials followed by thorough sanitization.

5. Prevention: This step involves sealing any entry points and taking measures to ensure the problem doesn’t recur.

Why Choose RAC for Professional Wildlife Exclusion & Remediation Services?

Rusty’s team stands out in the realm of wildlife exclusion & remediation for several reasons:

Comprehensive Service: We don’t just remove the wildlife; we take care of everything from damage assessment to prevention.

Expertise: Our team is skilled not only in wildlife removal but also in understanding the structural and safety requirements of your building.

Safety First: We employ methods that ensure the safety of both human occupants and wildlife.

100% Warranty: Our sealing and prevention methods come with a warranty, giving property managers peace of mind.

Essential Advice for Property Managers: The Do’s & Don’ts

If you suspect you have wildlife in your building, it’s crucial not to take matters into your own hands. While it may be tempting to try and tackle the issue on your own, there are certain things you should NEVER do:

  • Avoid DIY Clean-Up: Wildlife droppings can harbor harmful diseases. Cleaning without the proper equipment and knowledge can expose you to health risks.
  • Do Not Handle Wild Animals: Always hire a professional when trapping or handling wildlife. From rabies to other diseases, wild animals – especially when frightened – can pose a serious risk to the health and safety of building occupants.
  • Mothballs Aren’t the Answer: Contrary to popular belief, placing mothballs won’t deter wildlife and can pose a threat to humans. Save your time and resources and contact a professional instead.

Your Peace of Mind is Just a Call Away

Wildlife intrusion does more than disturb the peace of mind of your tenants. It can also create a health, safety and sanitation issue. With RAC’s professional services, you’re not just getting a professional removal and cleanup service; you’re getting peace of mind.

Contact us and discover why property managers, building owners, and homeowners trust Rusty’s Animal Control for all their wildlife solutions.

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